Key Features of Magento

Main features of CMS Magento

Magento engine is quite flexible and allows you to greatly diversify the system and make many fine settings. That is why it is well compatible with large online stores that have special sales experience and specific customer needs.

But this does not mean that this content management system cannot be used in small commercial sites. The point here is that Magento is very resource-demanding and therefore it is not economically feasible to create a small storefront on it. Indeed, when developing on this CMS, you will need to spend much more money on hosting resources. In addition, you will have to buy a domain and pay for the development team’s time.

Therefore, it is worth choosing Magento over alternative options only if there really is a reason for it. The main reason is that you are running a large scale business.

Also, creating a website in Magento can bring a lot of surprises. Even after many years of working with the engine, developers notice new features and functionality. Therefore, it is best to hire certified Magento developers.

Which is better to use Magento Enterprise or Community

Magento content management system offers two versions: a free community engine (Community), and a paid Enterprise option, for which you have to pay a fixed amount.

If we compare them with each other, then there is only one significant difference. The commercial version of the CMS includes quality customer support. But you can get such support and much cheaper if you contact the employees of our company.

Who is CMS Magento suitable for?

The content management system will be extremely useful and beneficial for the owners of large online stores. In this regard, it is almost perfect. But even if you have a medium-sized site, the implementation of Magento can provide additional benefits.

In addition, the CMS will be a good option for stores that use non-traditional marketing tools. It will also be effective for highly specialized sites, the audience of which knows their needs and needs additional functionality.

If you want to create the most comfortable conditions for your customers, you need to be ready to spend additional funds on site maintenance.

You won’t be able to understand how CMS Magento works without special skills. The system is much deeper and more complex than, for example, the popular OpenCart engine. Therefore, you need to either be an experienced developer yourself, or order services from experienced specialists.