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AirFox is the only platform for wireless carriers to easily launch innovative data plans. Delight your users with more flexible and affordable service, while increasing revenue and retention.

Create New Wireless Plans and Increase Revenues

App Plans

Unbundle your service so subscribers can purchase data app-by-app, for durations of your choosing. Complement traditional pay-as-you-go plans or replace them entirely. Subscribers experience the additional benefit of data compression representing a 30% data saving.

Sponsored Plans

Data is expensive, both for you and your subscribers. Sponsored plans introduce opt-in advertising on users’ devices. Advertisers pay to have their message seen, providing operators with an additional revenue stream, and subscribers with reduced-cost plans.

Zero-Rated Plans

Choose what apps and content to zero-rate so they do not consume data for the subscriber. Even if the subscriber runs out of data, he will still be able to access zero-rated apps and content. This is a great way to promote revenue-generating apps and features.