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Zero-Rated Plans

Now you can launch your own freemium business model in minutes.

Zero Rate

Why Zero-Rated?

With AirFox Zero-Rated you can drive new freemium business models, and maximize the value per subscriber and customer loyalty. Zero-rating enables you or third parties (sourced by AirFox) to sponsor the data usage of an application for a specific period of time.

Launch Zero-Rated in minutes

AirFox provides the technology and toolkit for any mobile wireless operator, from a small MVNO to a large Tier-1, to create zero-rated plans within minutes. Launch your own “Binge-On” Program, without the massive cost or long time-to-market.

Quick to launch

AirFox Zero-Rated only requires a light initial integration and 0 changes to your price sheets and billing system.

  • Fast deployment
  • Network secure
  • No IT needed once integrated
  • Cloud management

Launch “Data-free” plans and drive up to 300% additional data usage

Add zero-rated as stand-alone plan or as bundle to your existing pre-paid plans.

user case 1

Use Case 1:

$30 2GB plan + WhatsApp zero-rated

user case 1

Use Case 2:

Facebook Zero-rated for 7 days (expires in 2 days)

user case 1

Use Case 3:

Zero-Rate Carrier Care App so users can recharge their phones for free

airfox product chart

Unlimited Permutations of Zero-Rated Plans

Using a streamlined interface, non-technical employees can instantly configure unlimited combinations of applications and data plans that are automatically synced with subscribers’ mobile devices.


No IT required

The AirFox platform integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure without requiring IT involvement. This allows prepaid wireless plan customization and differentiation at an unprecedented scale.

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Reinvent your business models and increase data utilization


Dynamic Plans


New Business Models


Higher Data Yield