App Plans

App Plans

Offer app-specific data passes for the subscriber who wants ultimate flexibility.

AirFox API
Millions of Apps for you to sell to your subscribers

App plans are data passes to millions of apps

Smartphone owners spend an average of 80% of their time within 3 apps on their phone. Now, from your dashboard, a marketing manager can target subscribers with the right app plan to flexibly purchase data for any app in the Google Play store.

Millions of apps

Right plan at the right time

Present the right plan when a subscriber is about to run out of data and earn revenue before their next top-up.

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X These are monetizable opportunities

App plans are 30%+ more data efficient than selling GBs of data

App plans are 30% more cost effective and data efficient

App Plans compress data, offering your subscribers additional value. Nearly 1/3rd of the GBs of data you sell is consumed by background services and other data-sucking activities.

AirFox Savings
Launch in days

Easily go live in days, without changing your
existing infrastructure

  • Supplement your OSS / BSS provider without modifications
  • Light integration for fast deployment
Launch in days

Complement or replace your service offerings

  • Automated smart plan recommendations at the right time
  • Painless management, for non-technical managers
  • Quick iterations, in minutes not months
  • Higher ROI per subscriber
Launch in days

Enjoy higher revenue and retention, through personalized app-plans

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