Platform enabling Smart & Flexible Mobile Data

Core Team

Victor Santos Victor Santos Co-Founder, CEO
Sara Choi Sara Choi Co-Founder, COO
James Seibel James Seibel CTO
Emanuel Moecklin Emanuel Moecklin Chief Software Architect
Tiago Passinato Christine To Director of Business Operations
Tiago Passinato Tiago Passinato Principal Software Architect
Savas Cinar Savas Cinar Sr. Engineer
Rafael Maki Rafael Maki Sr. Engineer

Smart services enabling smarter carriers

Our vision is to enable the right plan for every smartphone subscriber through empowering wireless carriers to be agile service providers.

Smart & Flexible carriers with AirFox
Data Sponsorship
Data Control
Data Efficiency
Data Personalization

85% of the world is on a restrictive pay-as-you-go plan

2.5 Billion people are unbanked and 4.4 Billion have yet to get online. Data is the fuel that powers information through our smartphones. AirFox strives to enable mobile data access for all. We have a vision where mobile data is affordable and anyone can access an open, egalitarian internet on their smartphones.

The power to educate and transform lives

Our smartphones have the power to transform lives yet around the world people are constrained by the cost of data. AirFox is releasing the pent up demand for mobile data through smart technology that enables wireless carriers to drive data control with a better experience and greater affordability.

Our incredible financial supporters

TechStars Project 11 Launch Capital RSCM NXT
Bob Mason Bob Mason
Don Schiavone Don Schiavone
Jason Toff Jason Toff
Jennifer Lum Jennifer Lum
Jere Doyle Jere Doyle
Joe Caruso Joe Caruso
Katie Rae Katie Rae
Wan Li Zhu Wan Li Zhu
Warren Katz Warren Katz
Will Herman Will Herman
Ty Danco Ty Danco
Reed Sturtevant Reed Sturtevant