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AirFox brings wireless carriers into the digital age.

AirFox is the only platform for wireless carriers to easily launch innovative data plans. Delight your users with more flexible and affordable service, while increasing revenue and retention.

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Innovate easily with the agility of an app.

Don’t waste time, money, and manpower wrangling your legacy billing system. Instead, simply integrate AirFox once and enjoy the agility of an app so even non-technical marketing managers can launch new plans with just a few clicks.

  • Increase Revenues Increase Revenues
  • Increase Retention Increase Retention
  • New User Insights New User Insights
  • New Monetization  Streams New Monetization Streams
  • Reduce service costs Reduce service costs
  • Reduce time to market Reduce time to market

Create New Wireless Plans and Increase Revenues

App Plans

App Plans

Unbundle your service so subscribers can purchase data app-by-app, for durations of your choosing. Complement traditional pay-as-you-go plans or replace them entirely. Subscribers experience the additional benefit of data compression representing a 30% data saving.

Sponsored Plans

Sponsored Plans

Data is expensive, both for you and your subscribers. Sponsored plans introduce opt-in advertising on users’ devices. Advertisers pay to have their message seen, providing operators with an additional revenue stream, and subscribers with reduced-cost plans.

Zero-Rated Plans

Zero-Rated Plans

Choose what apps and content to zero-rate so they do not consume data for the subscriber. Even if the subscriber runs out of data, he will still be able to access zero-rated apps and content. This is a great way to promote revenue-generating apps and features.

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The Platform for Wireless Carriers to Succeed

Smarter Mobility
Fully Managed

Fully Managed

We are your own in-house experts. AirFox handles ad sourcing, revenue optimization, network handling, analytics, security, fraud prevention, and payment processing so you don’t have to.

Customizable & Turn-key

Customizable and Turn-key

AirFox's built-in flexibility handles the unique customizations needed for your business. Our pre-built modules allow you to configure your business logic, branding, and targeting with ease.

Revenue from day one

New Revenues and Higher Data Yield

Innovative plans do more than just delight your users — they generate additional revenue by monetizing increased data use. The AirFox platform enables new revenue streams from advertisers and subscribers who purchase plans tailored for them.

Speed to Market

Speed to Market

Integrate AirFox without making changes to your OSS/BSS systems. Once integrated, anybody from your team can use the dashboard to deploy new services, without calling the IT department.

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With AirFox, carriers become dynamic services providers


Rigid, fixed-price product bundles

Before Airfox

Customized, dynamically priced, app-based plans

Before Airfox
new revenue streams New revenue streams

Outside of subscriber fees

Increase Data Profits Increase Data Profits

By up to 50% with yield management

Reduce Time to Market Reduce Time to Market

From months to seconds

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